Sending flower to iran

Wherever you live in the world, you can make your loved ones happy by sending flowers to Iran. All you have to do is look at the collection of flowers that we designed in Nazdik for you. And choose the one that you like. Gifting flowers is common in all around the world for various reasons.

For occasions such as:

birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, university admissions, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year celebrations, religious ceremonies, etc.

When you choose natural flowers as a gift, it shows that you want to transmit kindness to your loved ones.

One of the gifts that we pay special attention to it in Nazdik is flowers. In addition to designing beautiful bouquets or vases, we try to cover a wide range of your tastes.


If you want to give flowers to your dears and you are miles away, we assure you that we will deliver the freshest flowers to your love ones. Sending flowers to Iran in Nazdik does not only includes natural flowers such as roses, Ulster, lilies, cloves, chrysanthemums, etc.

Some believe in the durability of the gift and they want to give an eternal gift. That is why pots of natural plants are one of their serious options. You can also send natural plants to your loved ones in Iran, in addition to the message of love and friendship. After choosing your plants as a gift. We will give your gift to your loved ones in high quality with a guidebook.

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