We can say that everyone wants to hear this sentence from his or her dears when his or her birthday date is coming. Although some people may not mention that but it’s important to them to know who have remembered my birthday. When saying happy birthday being combined with a gift, will make perfect memory. A birthday party with cake and gifts and delicious foods wouldn’t be forgotten.
If you are living abroad and it’s your loved one’s birthday in Iran, easily you can surprise her or him. By ordering Nazdik birthday packages you can make a perfect memory for your loved ones.


For sending gifts to Iran Nazdik has prepared different kinds of birthday gifts that you can choose it as you wish.
By ordering these packages that have been prepared specially for birthdays, you will surprise your loved ones. These packages would be delivered to your loved one’s as soon as possible in the highest quality way.

Personalized birthday gift
Everyone wants to have personalized gifts which shows that the giver has thought a lot to provide it to us.
These gifts are always surprising and make everyone’s happy.
And of course we will appreciate the giver a lot.

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