Yalda’s watermelon cake

product attributes:
  • Weigh:1.8 kg
  • dimension:height 15cm diameter 18cm
  • decoration:fondat watermelon slice
  • sponge flavor:vanilla chocolate
  • preparing time:2 working days
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  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
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Yalda’s watermelon cake

Yalda night is such a special nights that happens once a year. Cake lovers usually choose the suitable cake for any occasions. These people can be surprised by Yalda cake in Yalda night which would be really memorable. We suggest Nazdik’s watermelon cake. This cake is made of fresh material and it’s so delicious. It is designed by green cream and it has pattern of watermelon. The colored watermelons which made of fondant make this cake more beautiful.
The filling of this cake can be ordered in two tastes of vanilla and chocolate. You can order flowers and balloons with this cake.

Sending cakes to Iran

The Yalda night gift can be a high quality cake. Surprise your dears by sending them Yalda’s watermelon cake. By gifting cake you will make delicious and unforgettable memories for them.
By some clicks you can easily surprise your loved ones.

Sending gifts to Iran

You can easily surprise your dears by sending them gifts in Yalda night. Submit your order in Nazdik and be sure that you gift will be delivered in the best way. The watermelon cake is great option for surprising your dears in Yalda night.


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