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  • Terms of Use:Coordinate with the nearby office before visiting the complex
  • Number of people:Each voucher can be used for a child with an adult.
  • Each voucher can be used for a child with an adult.
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Wonderland Gift

For children’s birthday surprises, you can give them a gift that’s all about excitement. It’s easy to order from Nazdik’s website Wonderland vouchers as many as you want. That’s how you make them happy. What we do on Nazdik’s website is make it easy for you to give presents. That’s how you make your dear ones happy and smiling. For those of you who don’t live in Iran, we made it possible to get this gift with your international credit cards, with no bank account in Iran. You can also present them with this gift, Teddy’s Fondant Cake, which has a child-friendly fantasy look.

Going to Wonderland

Children are full of energy they enjoy the simplest gifts and because of that they happily jump up and down. Amusement Park is a great fun activity for children to get them excited. If you’re looking for an exciting gift for children to play for a few hours and bring joy to them, get ready to go to Wonderland. This complex is an indoor Amusement Park in the Poonak area of Tehran. It’s a special birthday gift for children. If you once invite children to Wonderland for birthdays or any other occasions, you’ll see that they’d like to go to this Amusement Park again and again.

Getting to know Wonderland

Wonderland is an Amusement Park that plays for different ages. You can find computer games on one side of this complex. On the other side, you play computer simulator games. Piloting is the coolest simulator game. Mechanical games, such as driving an electric car and a crashing car, have their pleasure. There is a place for children to make up their faces in a funny way. At the photography booth, you can take nice pictures. 6D cinema raises your blood adrenaline. There’s a separate section for children and adults in the bowling section of the Wonderland series, testing your accuracy and focus. Finally, at the end of an exciting day, you can go to the coffee shop and restaurants of the Amusement Park and stuff your face!


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