Women’s Handmade Leather Set

product attributes:
  • Items:Clutch bag, handmade leather glasses case, and chocolate
  • Clutch Bag Dimensions:about 25 x 15 cm
  • Colors:Magenta, Pink, Black, Brown
  • Preparation time:5 working days
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
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Women’s Handmade Leather Set

Choosing gifts seems like a challenge for women who are tasteful in choosing all their belongings. But if you look at this from their perspective, you’ll find that you can get a special gift for women that suits their tastes. Like what? Women’s Handmade Leather Set, it’s a special choice for tasteful people. Just choose her favorite color from this set according to your wife’s taste.

Then order her Valentine’s gift or other occasions online from the Nazdik’s website. It becomes a surprise with the women’s leather set that your wife enjoys that. If you live abroad, fortunately, you can send gifts to Iran here on the Nazdik’s website. Another gift with a women’s handmade leather set to your dear one is the Rose Flower Bouquet that shows your love for her.

Back to Nature

Everything from nature is more compatible with our environment. That’s why using organic materials is good for the body. Whether it’s food or other stuff we use, if they’re natural and organic, you can benefit from their good properties. On the other hand, the renewability of organic fibers makes them absorbed into nature much earlier than synthetic fibers. So they’re environmentally friendly, and they don’t make it dirty. So it’s good to trust nature and use natural accessories. The natural leather used in the women’s handmade leather set has this feature.

Accessories for all seasons and generations

The unique feature of leather fibers is that they’re not for a certain period. It’s not as if you’re making leather supplies, it becomes obsolete to use leather later. For a long time ago, humans have been using leather to make different things. Now, with the advancement of technology, use has become more widespread, and people are making a lot more diverse supplies with it. The other thing is, using leather accessories isn’t specific to the cold or hot season of the year. You can use these accessories at any time of the year.


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