White Rose Cake

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  • Weigh:About 2 kg
  • Flavor:Chocolate sponge with walnut caramel filling
  • Decor:White cream and natural roses
  • Preparation time:2 working days
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White Rose Cake Gift

If you’re looking for a special cake for your mother, and if you want to make a special surprise for your wife’s birthday, You can order White Rose Cake. It’s a simple, white cake with natural roses. The beauty of this cake is simply that and the real rose is on it that giving it a beautiful look. So order this gift immediately from Nazdik’s website. To do the surprise with the cake, we’ll do it for you on the Nazdik’s team. Along with the rose cake, send the Friend’s Birthday Gift Box to your wife or mother to surprise her more.

A gift with a smile

Every time we talk about celebration and joy, there has to be a cake. Is it ever possible to be your wife’s birthday and don’t get her a cake?  Cakes have different shapes, small and large, with a variety of flavors, each of which has its fans. But what they all have in common is that when you eat cake, everyone smiles. This happiness doubles the deliciousness of the cake and makes you remember its taste. That’s why you’ll even have fun with a simple cake next to the beloved.

White Rose Cake Comes with Love

White is a symbol of purity and purity that is common in many cultures around the world.  As you know, the rose is the symbol of love, and anywhere in the world, giving roses to your loved one means to say ” I love you” to her. The white rose cake combines these two symbols. That means pure love lies deep in this cake. When you give such a gift to your loved one, You’re making all these beautiful symbols penetrate to the depths of your beloved’s heart.


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