Victoria’s Secret Cosmetic Gift Package

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  • This gift package includes:Lindt Lindor chocolate + victoria's secret taste set
  • (100 ml (Fresh and Sweet) Perfume, Pocket Perfume, Fragrance Wash Gel, Body lotion, Shimmer Fragrance Oil)
  • Switzerland Lindt Lindor chocolate
  • Preparation time:3 working days
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Victoria’s Secret Cosmetic Gift Package

Stylish people are attractive because of the special choices they make. Victoria’s Secret brand is one of the world’s luxury brands. Using its products is a sign of specialty. Victoria’s Secret cosmetics set has five fragrant items that are suitable for women’s daily use and make them special. You can order your wife a different gift with Victoria’s Secret package and give him this precious and charming gift. You can get this special gift from the Nazdik’s website as well. It is also possible to order cosmetic gift packages in Iran. You can order a cosmetic gift package in Iran from anywhere in the world and deliver it to your wife. Besides, you can present the Gerbera Vase with the beautiful flowers it has with this package for your wife.

Getting to Know Victoria’s Secret Brand

If you take a look at the world’s women’s apparel and cosmetics industry, the famous Victoria’s Secret brand is familiar to you. The American brand has been designing and producing different models of women’s apparel and cosmetics for many years. They export their products all over the world. It’s interesting to know that, Victoria’s Secret products are popular in many places around the world, including Iran.

Package Contents

There is two perfume in the Victoria’s Secret Cosmetic Gift Package. One of them has a fresh and sweet fragrance, and the other one is a Chinese perfume that has a special Eastern fragrance. Victoria’s Secret’s body lotion affects skin cleansing. The fragrant Washing Gel cleans the skin and freshens the body with its fragrance. The Shimmer Fragrance Oil provides skin moisture, which is especially ideal for dry skin. In addition, this fragrance body oil, like washing gel, has a freshening effect and on the other hand, makes the skin beautiful and shiny.


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