Tie And Papillon Cashmere Gift Set

product attributes:
  • Tie, Cufflinks and Pocket Square produced from Iranian cashmere fabric
  • Fabric Material:Cashmere
  • Combination of Colors Available for Tie:cream, brown, black, red
  • Combination of Colors Available for Bowtie:black orange, black green, and blue yellow
  • Optional Choices:Tie and, Bowtie Color Set
  • Brand:Nikoodel
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Tie And Papillon Cashmere Gift Set

When choosing wearable gifts for your beloved man, you should pay attention to which styling he likes most. If your friend, coworker, husband, or father likes the official style, then the gift they get for him must also be stylish and formal. Tie And Papillon Cashmere Gift Set has this feature. So if you want to give a special gift to men. This gift set is what you’re looking for. You can order this special men’s gift from the Nazdik’s website. If you live outside of Iran, we send gifts to Iran on Nazdik’s team. You can order Hazelnut Chocolate Tart along with this set and complete the gift.

Stylish Gift for Men

When you get a gift for your man that makes him prettier and more handsome than ever, in this situation, you enjoy his style. That’s because when you love a man, whether he’s your father or your wife, he’s a beautiful man in your mind anyway. Now, if he makes a stylish, formal style, that’s going to be amazing. You generally know that men get attractive and breathtaking in a formal suit. Now, if you add a tie or bowtie, napkins, and a nice cufflink, that’s awesome. Tie And Papillon Cashmere Gift Set will do it for you and make your beloved man more wanting than ever.

Cashmere Fabric

The fabric used to make the items of the Tie And Papillon Cashmere Gift Set is cashmere. You can see the traditional cashmere designs belonging to Yazd city, on the items of this gift. Cashmere is one of the cultural symbols of Iran and represents your Iranian origin. Because the designs on the cashmere are derived from the original Iranian civilization. The symbol that’s used a lot in cashmere is a curved cedar, which means humility. Cashmere has different colors, each of which has its beauty, and of course, this gift can be chosen between different colors.


Tie and Cufflinks, Bowtie and Cufflink


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