Tavazo Nuts

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  • Weight:1 kg
  • Type:Mixed salted nuts including pistachios, almonds, cashews, paper almonds, jabani seeds
  • choosable packaging:handmade wooden container of walnut wood
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Tavazo Nuts

When you talk to your close friends, you are experiencing good moments with them and you’re forgottening about the time. In such a group, no one else is silent and like smiling pistachios, everyone opens their lips. To make this party better and enjoy more, you can use Tavazo Nuts. If you want to give your loved ones a delicious present for Nowruz, nuts are a good option. You can submit your order to send a Nowruz gift from the Nazdik’s website. If you’re not in Iran, In Nazdik’s team, we’ll send your gifts to Iran and deliver the gift to your loved ones. You can gift the Geranium Pot with Tavazo Nuts and complete your present.

Having A delicious Nowruz Party

Nowruz Parties is one of the beautiful traditions of The People of Iran, which we visit each other every year on the occasion of Nowruz. Apart from all the food on Nowruz, nuts are spectacular all over Nowruz Parties, which we can’t ignore. Wherever you go, you may see each of the Salty or sweet nuts, mixed or Four Nuts. This delicious snack also makes the Nowruz Party delicious. Nuts are making you well with a lot of energy.

The Nostalgia of Shopping From Tavazo Store

If you ask old people and family elders, Tavazo Nuts is one of the names you’ll hear from. That’s because they’re known and famous among most people, with a long history of nearly 85 years. Tavazo Nuts and dried fruits brand has all the varieties of salty and sweet mixed nuts, for different ceremonies and celebrations. The Yalda Night nuts, the Chaharshanbe Suri Nuts, and the Nowruz nuts are all Tavazo products, Tavazo brand also makes different models of sweets and the Halva that are suitable for ceremonies and celebrations apart from nuts.


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