sunflower vase

product attributes:
  • numbers:10 flowers
  • dimension:height with vase about 80 cm
  • material:glass
  • dimension of the vase:height 50cm and diameter 15cm
  • the color of the vase:Colorless and transparent
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Sunflower vase

A gift of yellow carnations, chrysanthemums, and miniature roses.
For seeing, listening… we have many arts like cinema, music, visual arts… . But what for smelling?
Smelling activates other emotions. It’s besides nature and plants. It comes from darkness.
Flowers are the best gifts for any occasions. If you are searching for a special gift for special person give her or him flowers. By gifting flowers we can transfer our feelings and our love to
the receiver. Every single flower has its own meaning.


This vase is combination of miniature roses, carnations and yellow chrysanthemums. The yellow color is symbol of happiness and good feelings.
This color is suitable for friendship. You can use yellow flowers to give positive energy to your loved one’s. Chrysanthemums has many meanings like loyalty and rebirth. Miniature roses
are not different with normal roses. They are just a bit smaller. But miniature roses has more different kinds and colors. They can be alive longer. Also carnations are symbol of endless love.
By gifting sun vase git endless energy to your loved one’s. Nazdik tries to give you high quality products. The flowers that you ordered will be the most freshest ones and the receiver will
enjoy a lot.

Special gifts

For making your gifts memorable you can add music box to it. Music boxes are given as a gift for many years ago. A classic gift with nostalgic melodies.


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