Strawberry sable cake

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  • sponge:red velvet
  • filling:vanilla cream
  • design:strawberry
  • Weigh:1.5 kg
  • Size:Diameter 18 height 18
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Sending strawberry Sable Cake to Iran by Nazdik team

Summer and it’s interesting fruits

Eating summer fruit in the middle of the unbearable heat of summer, would be so enjoyable. Most of us like summer because it’s season of strawberries, cherries and sour cherries. Whether as a snack or with a birthday cake or with a dessert.

Summer fruits makes us feel freshness, and one of their benefits is they supply the body with lost water.

Combination of fruit with cream cake

Combination of fruit and cream cake is one of the most delicious combination in the world. one of the best Idea for designing cake is using summer fruit on it.

 Including strawberries whose taste and shape are unique.

Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake is one of the most popular cakes in the world due to its soft and moist texture. This cake was first baked in the 19th century in America. Of course, there was no news of red color at that time. Over time, Red velvet was made from a combination of natural cocoa, vinegar, baking soda, buttermilk and flour. The soft texture was due to the using vinegar and buttermilk. It is interesting to know that its red color is due to the acidic composition of buttermilk and natural cocoa powder pigments. And that’s how dear red velvet was created.

Sable cake

This cake comes from France and is popular in all around the world. The cake’s shape is so attractive and of course delicious. sable cake is also known as biscuit cake and we can make it in any way we want, such as numbers or letters or even a heart. We created a red velvet sable cake for a special day.

Strawberry sable cake

What an interesting combination! sable and red velvet and strawberry.

This cake would be a perfect surprise for your loved ones. Specially those who love strawberry.


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