stamp and wax package

product attributes:
  • specified box:possibility of carving the name
  • dimension:width:26 length:22 height:6.5 cm
  • stamp:brass stamp with opportunity of carving the name and the logo of the person
  • brass spoon:for melting the wax
  • 2 box of wax
  • wooden candle holder
  • warmer candle
  • material:beech wood and brass metal
  • preparing time:3 working days
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


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Stamp and wax package

Stamp and wax is a historic tools for branding. Because nowadays people likes nostalgic things, we decided to produce this special gift.
This gift is made of beech wood and brass metal. The logo or the name of the receiver will be hacked on.
The wax of this package can be easily melted in a brass spoon. This package is a perfect gift specially for bosses or doctors.

Special gift

Nazdik’s stamp and wax package gives sense of closeness to your loved one’s. A special gift for who you are kilometers far with but you take care of her/him. People around us makes our life valuable. This package is for those who defines friendship in our life. This is a special gift for special person. Stamp and wax is a suitable gift for teachers or doctors. If you have a friend who writes letters a lot, this gift is useful for her/him. Doctors, architects, teachers can use this package to plump their letters.

Sending nostalgic gift to Iran

Somethings can’t be forgotten. Like a nostalgic memory. nostalgic package is for special persons who we have lots of memories with. This package is produced in highest quality way.
Nazdik tries to produce the bests for you. You can add flowers, or placenta cake or Bibi’s cake to this package.


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