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Spider park

Sometimes it would be hard to provide a situation for making fantastic memories. Or a special and unique gift for birthday surprise.
Spider Park has created this situation with giant and moving insects. A birthday party in this unique park would be very interesting and special.
A special feature of this park is the simulation of insects size.
In spider park you can see many different kinds of insects. In this park insects are alive and they can move. A birthday party with wondering in this amazing park wouldn’t be forgotten.

Interesting gift

Just a little organization needed for holding a birthday surprise. Sending a special and personalized gift would make your loved one’s birthday more special.
This park is suitable for those who loves to experience strange things and knows more about everything. Surprise with picture cake in spider park is unbelievably interesting.

Sending gifts to Iran

For sending gifts to Iran Nazdik team tries to provide the best services. Nazdik team will spare no efforts to make your memories last.
We consider your family and loved ones as members of our family. So for every second of good mood and smiles of your loved ones, we will do our best. And also guaranteeing the quality and adhering the health protocols are important part of Nazdik services.


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