Massimo dutties belt and shoes

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  • voucher title:a belt and a pair of shoes of massimo dutties brand
  • store adress:ground floor_ arsh complex_ Ajodanie_Tehran
  • voucher's credit:2 mounts after delivery
  • پرداخت با استفاده از پی پال
  • پرداخت با تمامی ارزها
  • ارسال سریع (زیر 24 ساعت)
  • تعیین دقیق ساعت ارسال
  • ثبت لحظات دریافت هدیه


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Massimo Dutti belt voucher and leather shoes, a gift which is selected by your loved one

with nazdik you can give a suitablegift which is buying to your loved one. pleasant time with satisfying results.

Massimo dutti is a spanish company this company was established by an espanish designer, armando lasawka. in the first years of establishment in 1985 they have just designed, produced and supplied men clothes but nowadays the also produces women clothes and perfumes

this company owns many branches in 75 countries the central office is in tordera in spain

one of the branches for buying this brand is in arsh complrx

ajodanie is one the areas of tehran

Arsh complex is in ajodanie in tehran establishing of this complex finished in 1394 The complex has a very stylish view with lightening and the interior is made of a combination of stone and glass

Due to the location of ajodanie and arsh complex in the heights, you will see a unique view of tehran from inside this passage

by buying massimo dutties shoes voucher and belt, you can invite your father and your friends to a satisfaction buying

you and your family can start to buy a pair of shoes and a belt with the highest quality

special gifts

if you want to give another gift with belt and shoes to your loved ones you can select your gift from (selection gifts).

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  • luo solo platinum men’s Eau de toilette 100 ml. this perfume emphhasizes originality, combination of tea and black leather it designed for a man who find similarities in differences. usefull in fall
  • Eau de toilette Dolce Etude gabbana fo men 100 ml. pre_scent of this perfume is citrus, coriander and basil middle_scent is cardamom, ginger and orange blossom Lasting_scent is ceder wood and tabacco. useful in fall and winter’s night
  • schwiard men eau de perfume 80 ml western’s smell_spicy It is a warm and sweet perfume with a combination of amber and gum scents over time, the smell of the perfume becomes sweeter and at the same time a little more bitter and smoky_good for fall and winter

Terms and conditions

Massimo Dutti men shirt and trousers voucher and leather shoes and a belt in any mode that you want. this is a gift from massimo dutti

by buying this gift, a voucher will given to receiver and after coordination with support team you can go to store and choose your gift

our assumption in nazdik for gift delivery is the date that voucher will given to our customers

the deadline of using the voucher of buying suit is two mouth after delivering the gift

It may need to mention that you must have your voucher while youre visitng the store.

to all dears please dont forget to call to our supporters for reserving time 48 hours before using the vouchers.

unless ew cannot guarantee that they wii given good services


  • attention: for reserving and using the voucher you must call our supporters 48 hours bafore using it. information is in your voucher

our purpose in nazdik is making unforgettable memories

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