Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant

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  • All selected foods are included by:shallot yogurt, processed olives, and sodas
  • Food variety:Jujeh Kabab, Chelo kebab, Sour Cherry Rice with Chicken, Barberry Rice with Chicken, Lamb Shank with Fava Beans Rice
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Surprise with Food of Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant

Eating is one of the joys of life you experience every day. The joy that doubles with being together. When you eat with family or friends together, it’s tastier more than when you do it alone. Now we have a delicious suggestion for you. You can take a special birthday present in Shiraz, from the Nazdik’s website by ordering food from Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant. That’s how you can surprise your dear ones at home in Shiraz with a delicious meal from this restaurant. You can also make your loved ones happy by sending flowers and gifts to Shiraz. The Mandegar Vase makes your present more memorable than a meal.

Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant Tourism Complex

You can order food from the restaurant from time to time and bring your dear ones together this way. But it’s also important where you order food. It must have good quality and a variety in menus so everyone can choose their favorite food. Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant has these features and is one of the most famous restaurants in the Quran Gate area in Shiraz. This restaurant, in all three main meals, is open from early morning to late night and it offers food delivery on your location.

Variety of Iranian and International Foods

There’s so much food variety in Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant for different tastes. In this restaurant’s menu, for breakfast, there are traditional Persian foods like Haleem and Sheep’s Head And Foot Soup. There are also a variety of omelets from different countries and English and American breakfast. You can choose authentic Iranian dishes with their unique flavors for lunch and dinner. Iranian food includes Fesenjan, Gheimeh Nesar, Jewelled Rice, Grilled Saffron Beef Kebab, Tender Beef Kabobs, and so on. If you like fast food, you should know that there are all kinds of pizza, burgers, sandwiches and fried chicken on the menu.


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