Shiraz Bakuye Restaurant

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  • Location:Rabbani Boulevard, Shiraz
  • Expiry Date for Vouchers:2 Month
  • Default Breakfast Menu:the main breakfast + a hot or cold beverage + a sweet and cake
  • Default Lunch or Dinner Menu:a main dish + a beverage + an appetizer + a salad
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Shiraz Bakuye Restaurant

Sometimes a restaurant can have such an attractive design that it becomes an attractive destination itself. Bakuyeh restaurant in Shiraz is one of those restaurants where you can spend quality time there. Not only its exciting atmosphere but also its delicious cuisine has made it famous. By inviting your loved ones to this special restaurant, you will definitely make a memorable day for them. When you choose the right restaurant in the right place, you make a beautiful memory for the whole family. If you’re in Shiraz, Shiraz Bakuye Restaurant is what you’re looking for. But if you live abroad, you can use the Nazdik’s website to order birthday presents in Iran. We send restaurant vouchers to Iran in Nazdik’s team. So that you can make a memory for your loved ones. You can also order the Maranta House Plant to complete the gift.

Suitable Place For Family Parties

When you’re looking for a good restaurant for a family party, you have a few things to pay attention to. That restaurant has to have different foods to meet everyone’s tastes. Because restaurant dishes with a limited menu may not be of interest to all family members. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the quality of the restaurant’s food so that you don’t regret going there. Shiraz Bakuye Restaurant has these features. Both in terms of my food diversity and quality, you’re relieved that you can have your family reunions here.

A Mountain Restaurant

Shiraz Bakuye Restaurant is not a regular restaurant like any other restaurant. When you go to this restaurant, you enter a tourist complex. Buckeye Restaurant consists of four restaurants that you have to cross the beautiful bridge on the hillside to reach. In general, this complex of restaurants is located on the hillside northeast of Shiraz. The four restaurants in the complex include Cave Restaurant, Qashqai Restaurant, Pine Alcove Restaurant, and Delivery Restaurant. The Cave Restaurant is on the hillside and has a unique environment. They serve you traditional Qashqai dishes at the Qashqai Restaurant. The Pine Alcove Restaurant is also located in the highest part of The Bakuye Complex.


Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Cofe


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