Shandiz Shishlik

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It’s may be interesting for you to know this popular food in Iran is an international food. It comes from Caucasus and Asia and central Europe. But the cooking method in our country is
completely Iranian. This food is prepared in special ways in some cities.

Shandiz restaurant

You can have the most delicious Shishliks in Shandiz restaurant in Mashhad. This famous restaurant has a bunch in Tehran so me won’t miss Shandiz Shshliks in mashhad.

Sending foods to Iran

If you are living in abroad you can design a perfect table by some clicks. We try to packing foods in the most stylish way. And send them as soon as possible.

The best time for sending this gift

You can order this gift in order to surprise your loved one’s. Specially those who are far away
from you.
This gift will be send as soon as possible by Nazdik teams.
If you’re far and you want to surprise your dears this gift is a fantastic idea.


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