Romantic Cultural Gift Set

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  • Items:Mini Cake Love Ladder, Me Before You Book, Music Album from Siriya Band
  • Cake Weight:1 kg
  • Book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes translated to Persian by Maryam Meftahi
  • The Miz-e-Doutai Album from Siriya Band
  • Nestlé Chocolate 70g
  • Kitkat Crunchy Chocolate
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Romantic Cultural Gift Set

Before they fall in love, you doubt that love exists. But when you open your heart and let yourself feel it. Suddenly you see you fall in love so much that you didn’t believe it before. If you’re engaged in such passionate love, you’d like to make your lover happy in some way. You can act differently and give your loved one a cultural present with a book gift. Romantic Cultural Gift Set is what you want. If you live abroad and want to do surprises remotely, it’s good to know that the Nazdik’s website is sending gifts to Iran. With this gift, you can give the peperomia Vase to your loved one to keep it as good as your love.

A Good Companion for Your Partner

When you’re reading a book, you travel to its world. You get along with the ups and downs of it and you feel it deep inside. It’s nice to gift this good companion to your partner. The Me Before You book by Jojo Moyes, in the Romantic Cultural Gift Set, has a romantic narrative that shows the power of love in changing people. This book has a different mood than many other romance novels that can bring the reader with it well to the end. You should try it to find out how much it is special.

Traditional Romantic Music

Another cultural item of this Romantic Cultural Gift Set is the Miz-e-Doutai Album from Siriya Band. The band has treated traditional Southern music differently and has managed to attract attention. Love songs in Bushehr folk dialect are used in Siriya Band songs and are different from conventional songs in this region. This particular style made Siriya’s songs more beautiful so you could present the band’s album as a lovely gift to your beloved.


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