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  • the including of the box:photo frame and incense
  • photo frame:by the material of wood and brass
  • incense: Made of brass-based pottery
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“remember those days” gift package for appreciating teacher’s efforts.

First teacher

The title of first teacher has been given to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Plato was Aristotle’s
teacher for twenty years. But the question is why Plato who was Aristotle’s teacher didn’t take this title? Fir answering this question lets see a sentence of Plato. “the way that starts with what teacher is teaching, will make the future.” We can understand the important role of teachers in life with this sentence.

Appreciating teacher’s day by remember those days package

The teacher illuminates the way of success. Any society that understood the importance of teacher, specified a day for appreciating teacher’s efforts as a teacher’s day. So as appreciating teachers are important of course preparing a gift for them is important too. We recommend you remember those days package which has produced for appreciating teacher’s efforts.

remember those days package

In Iran 12th of Ordibehesht is teacher’s day. Internationally 15th October is teacher’s day. Our
designers tried to produce a gift which would be suitable for your teachers. By these gifts you can transfer sense of closeness and kindness. The hand made photo frame has been produced
by Iranian artists. The purpose of this gift is personalizing the package. This valuable gift would make your teacher happy.


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