a photo birthday cake

ویژگی های محصول:
  • tastes:banana, cherry, chocolate
  • pre taste:Bananas, walnuts and vanilla
  • weight:2 kg
  • size:diameter: 23cm Height: 20cm
  • wooden cake base:diameter: 30 cm height:16 cm
  • bases material:Russian wood
  • balloons:4 helium balloons
  • cake's picture:you need to upload 4 photos
  • پرداخت با استفاده از پی پال
  • پرداخت با تمامی ارزها
  • ارسال سریع (زیر 24 ساعت)
  • تعیین دقیق ساعت ارسال
  • ثبت لحظات دریافت هدیه


(حداکثر اندازه فایل 100 مگابایت)

(حداکثر اندازه فایل 100 مگابایت)

(حداکثر اندازه فایل 100 مگابایت)

(حداکثر اندازه فایل 100 مگابایت)

photo birthday a sweet gift for special occasions

in the last season every thing goes faster wish we could extend the time in order to it don’t finish

and goes slower that would be nicer

may be because of this we have a lot of ceremonies in the last season

whether foreign or iranian, whether ancient or modern

try our cakes they have different tastes and they are always fresh

what would be more suitable than cake? a personalized cake with a photo that you sent us

that photo makes this cake more special

also this cake remind good moments for you and the person who receive the cake

you can order this cake in special occasions like wedding and wedding anniversaryand mother’s cake.

any cake that you see in Nazdik is handmade we promise you that your received cake would be so similar to the photo that you have showed us

the purpose of Nazdikis making you and your dears happy

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