Pesaran Karim Restaurant

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Pesaran Karim Restaurant

Iranian food has a taste that you can’t find in any fast food. The taste of Persian Kebab, with the aroma of Iranian rice, makes a dream combination. If you would like to have an enjoyable experience in an old traditional Iranian restaurant, we recommend you to try Pesaran Karim Restaurant in Mashhad that you will not regret! If you don’t live in Iran and you want to surprise your family or friends who are far from you with food. To send gifts to Iran, you can invite your loved ones to a delicious meal at this good restaurant. You can submit your order to book a restaurant in Mashhad from the Nazdik’s website. Along with the restaurant reservation, you can order pomegranate cake and make the gift tastier.

Traditional Iranian Foods

Food is part of the culture of every community. You go to every country, they have their dishes cooked in the style of that region. It’s also the case in Iran. For example, Iranian people make Kebab and Jooje in different ways in different parts of Iran, which is special for the same region. These foods are all integral to Iranian culture. Kebab Barg, Shashlik, Bakhtiari, and Kabab Loghme are some of the most famous Kebabs in Iran. The good news is that all these traditional foods, along with other famous dishes like Chelo Mahiche, are on the menu of Pesaran Karim Restaurant.

Getting to Know Pesaran Karim Restaurant

Pesaran Karim Restaurant has been passed down generation by generation from Mr. Karim Qasemzadeh to the present day. Currently, two branches of this restaurant are working in Mashhad. After many years, its branches are now run by the founding sons of this restaurant. The most famous food at Pesaran Karim Restaurant is its Shashlik. It’s one of the first restaurants to put Shashlik on their menu.


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