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Peony pot, a gift from spring

Lovely Peony

By the onset of spring, we see a great variety of flowers and plants in nature. There is so much variety that we can see colorful plain everywhere we look. And actually, we can see variety of flowers in florist shops in this season. One of the most beautiful flowers is Peony.  This beautiful flower has many colors but the pink one is very fragrant. That’s why Nazdik chose this flower.

History of Peony

This plant is originally Chinese. The ancient Chinese used to eat peony roots and petals in order to treat and prevent fever.

In the late 18th century, peony was also discovered in Europe. By studying Greek mythology, they found the date of this flower’s presence in Europe.  Nowadays in most parts of the world, this flower is produced in greenhouses.

Public belief about peony flowers

This flower is called one hundred tomans. This naming is due to the number of the petals of this flower. Some people believe that huge number of this flower is shown their love.  Peony is kind of love flowers. gifting this flower would be so romantic.

Peony pot

We chose the pink peony for this pot. This choice is due to the fragrant and also pink color is a symbol of spring. Remember this point that this pot is specialized for spring. So, you can order it till the end of spring. You can order it as a bouquet or in a glass pot which make it more beautiful.


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