Paragliding Flight

product attributes:
  • Number of People:Each voucher can be used for one person
  • Weight Limit:20 to 100kg
  • Expiry Date for Vouchers:2 Month
  • Flight Location:Tehran, Yazd, Mashhad
  • Flight Duration:About 15 minutes
  • Flying with experienced pilots
  • Flying with experienced pilots
  • No training needed and no age limits
  • Filming the flight
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


Paragliding Flight

Take a deep breath and just imagine, if you had wings like birds, you could fly freely wherever you want. There’s a passion for flying in everyone. Paragliding is a different device between all devices made for human flight, in history. The difference is that you experience Paragliding Flight individually. You control it on your own, so it feels like birds fluttering. You can invite your loved ones to an aerial recreation with the Nazdik’s website. You can surprise them with Paragliding Flight as a special birthday gift. If you’re not in Iran and you want to send this gift to Iran, this gift is a different one. You can also order a Photo Cake with a photo of your friend and surprise her for her birthday even more.

Flying in the Sky

Flying paragliding is a different experience in the sky where you fly like birds in the sky. You don’t have to have experience or know-how to fly a paraglider because everyone can experience this flight. There’s an experienced pilot on the flight site who’ll tell you all the safety tips you need. After you’ve reached the paragliding take-off site at the right altitude, The flight equipment will be connected to you. The pilot is on the flight with you, and both of you fly together. You’ll be ready to fly after the preparations and start your exciting adventure in the sky.

Recording the Flight Memories with Paraglider

You can request that the paragliding team give you the equipment to film with a special camera before you fly. So after the flight ends, you can keep the video file of this unique experience on your own. It’s possible to fly in groups together with separate paragliders and make this aerial recreation a good memory for all members of the group.


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