Ordibehesht flower box

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  • Flowers:Rose, Farzia, Clove
  • Thickness:About 40 cm
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Ordibehesht Flower Basket

When you connect with the world of flowers and plants, even if these beautiful plants can’t talk, they win your heart. Spring flowers with their beautiful colors are like a nature painting for you to enjoy and smell. You can surprise your friends and loved ones with Ordibehesht Flower Basket as a special gift. From the Nazdik’s website, you can send flowers to Iran even from abroad. Just order flowers online for birthdays or any occasions that you want to register from the Nazdik’s website, then we will deliver this beautiful gift to your loved ones. You can also order the Chamomile Birthday Cake, with Ordibehesht Flower Basket to complete your gift.

Nature’s Smile

As the New Year approaches, nature smiles at you again and wakes up from hibernation. The flowers bloom, the trees turn green, and it all starts again. When nature can be new, you can also be inspired by it and smile at it. Just free your mind and come back to life like flowers. You get positive energies from lush plants in spring. You can give the same energy to nature by keeping a few flower branches or a small plant. The Ordibehesht Flower Basket has this feature and can bring positive energies to you.

The Freshness of Spring Flowers

The flowers that grow in spring, especially in May, have a unique freshness. This freshness is different from the flowers that grow in other seasons of the year. That’s because of the mood in spring. Nature makes a party of colors in the spring and invites you all to it. Nature generously gives its lushness to all of the creatures on the earth. So you and the others can enjoy the beauty of nature. This is what you can see in the Ordibehesht Flower Basket.


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