Orchid Vase

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  • Plant Type:phalaenopsis orchid
  • Plant pot Material : ceramic
  • Size:diameter 20cm , height 22 cm
  • Total height:65 cm
  • • In order to deliver fresh flowers, it is possible to change the color and shape up to 30%
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Orchid Vase a Special Gift for Mother

In some cultures, the orchid is known as the goddess of beauty and the name orchid is derived from the same word. Surprise with an orchid flower as a luxury gift for mother’s day combines the beauty of the flower with the inner beauty of our mother’s heart. she cares about her child all the time and how important it is for her growth can surely raise this orchid vase as her child in the best way. As in The Little Prince book, the fox said to Prince: “Remember the value of your flower as much as the life you have spent time on it … you are responsible for your flower … remember this”

By giving an orchid vase to your mother, you show your depth of love to her. If you are away from your mother and you don’t know how to prepare this gift for her, don’t worry, we will do this for you on Nazdik’s website. You can also order Chamomile Matricaria Birthday Cake next to the orchid vase. That’s how the gifts and birthday cakes you get both bring the fragrance of flowers to your mother.

Living with Flowers and Plants

If we look around us, we realize that besides us humans, there are many other living things in the world. When we look closely at them, we see that they are also using sunlight and breathing. The same goes for flowers and plants, and they’re part of nature’s beauty. When we are happy, they are happy and take energy from us. So it is not strange to say that flowers also have feelings.  Having a vase in the house makes the atmosphere different. The perfume of flowers goes all over the house and its freshness brings vitality to the members of the house. An orchid vase opens stressed hearts like spring flowers.

Getting to Know Orchids

Orchids make great houseplants. they are, in a huge range of colors, can last for several months. Some even have a lovely scent. This flower is so delicate that you have to take care of it very obsessively and carefully. It needs a lot of light that should not reach it directly and high humidity keeps it fresh. The orchid is a symbol of love and beauty and because of its rarity in the distant past, it is also a sign of luxury.


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