numerical sable cake

product attributes:
  • Weigh:2 kg
  • dimension:height: 12cm, length:25cm, width:20 cm
  • decoration:Cream with cookies, macaron and seasonal fruits
  • sponge flavor:vanilla red velvet
  • filling:white cream
  • preparing time:3 working days
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 Numerical sable cake

A birthday cake shouldn’t be always repetitious. Sometimes we need to add a bit creativity to get a special birthday cake. For instance a numerical sable cake that it’s number changes by the age of the person is a suitable idea for birthday cake. Sable cake is very delicious and special.
It’s cream and sponges makes our moments delicious. The numerical sable cake is special with macarons and cookies would be a fantastic choice for birthday surprise. This special cake is
produced for special people. This cake is designed with fresh fruits.

Birthday numerical sable cake

Nowadays we can see many kinds of cakes in internet and order it. We all try to buy a different cake that makes our love ones happy. You can order this sable cake for your dears and make
them happy. Surprising your dears with a personalized gift would be more special. Your surprise would be more special with Aralia vase or modern metal vase.

Sending cakes to Iran

Sending cakes to Iran with sable cake would be more special.
Sending gifts to Iran with a sable cake would be more interesting. Birthday surprise is our specialty in Nazdik team. For sending gifts to Iran, it is enough to request to face general offers
and a special gifts. Using Nazdik’s possibilities is really easy. You just need to choose your wished gifts we will deliver and surprise your dears. All services are performed by observing
health protocols with the highest quality.


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