Number Flower Box

product attributes:
  • Number of Roses in box:22
  • Dimensions:length 50 . width 35 . height 10 cm
  • Box material :wooden
  • Color of Roses:white, yellow, pink, red, blue
  • The color of Roses as an assumption is blue
  • In order to deliver fresh flowers, it is possible to change the color and shape up to 30%
  • Preparation time is one working day
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


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Number Flower Box

numbers are always present in our lives. Everywhere you look at, you see numbers. Any number might mean something to us. We may remember a particular subject, or that number may remind us of an event in the past, present, or future. This could be the birthday of someone we love. Whenever a good event happens in the life of each of us, we give each other flower on different occasions. Flower is a symbol of love. You’ve heard that age is just a number, for people of all ages, if they are happy, then they are in a good mood. Now let’s see what we can do interestingly with this flower and the number of people’s age. The flower symbolizes loving with a number reminiscent of a good event, if they’re put together, it will give that good mood to the person.

A Box Full of Roses

A Number Flower Box filled with blue roses is what brings joy to our loved ones. We can do it differently instead of the conventional way of sending flowers to others. We make others happy by doing this, and others have a good memory of us in their minds. That’s how we’re delivering a message to our friend. The message is that we love him as much as every single year of his life. Rose is a symbol of love, and the blue rose conveys the meaning to her that although we’re far from her, we still love her. Seeing the birthday box, she breathes our love and affection as much as all the years of her life.

Birthday Flower Box

You can get involved and do the surprise with the rose by sending blue rose in the form of Number Flower Box. To do this, just submit the order of this flower box right here in the Nazdik’s website. After you have specified the time and place of the gift delivery, just tell to Nazdik that you intend to surprise her. From now on, leave it to Nazdik’s team to prepare and process, then surprise her in a way that she will remember. So, if her birthday is getting closer, do not hesitate and request for this special and lovely flower box as soon as possible.


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