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  • Box dimensions:34*16*11 cm
  • Coffee:Rei
  • French press:600 cc
  • Book The Sun Also Rises: Author: Ernest Hemingway- Translated by Alireza Durandish
  • Music Album:Niloofaraneh
  • Narges Flower:3 bouquet
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Niloofaraneh gift box to all mothers of my country.

Mother’s day is celebrated in all around  the world to thank their efforts.

Of course the reason of naming and the date in other countries related to their culture and their history.

But who cares about differences?

The purpose of this day is thank mother’s efforts.

Iranian celebrate this day in 15 Bahman this year. Niloofaraneh music album was released in 1375 and its still the most popular album.

It’s like that days like past.

Niloofaraneh coffee is hand-picked and its good for relaxing time.

Put the coffee in French press and listen to Niloofaraneh album. It would be so enjoyable.

For making your gift more memorable you can add a music box.  Music boxes are given in many occasions as a gift. If you have choose this gift from selection gifts part, please write down the melody you want in explanation box.


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