Night Sky Observation

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  • equipment:telescop
  • professional observatory astronomy expert
  • Two month voucher credit
  • This voucher is intended for 1 to 10 people
  • This is a family gift
  • gift package:includes (chocolate, constellation book and ...)
  • Duration:about 3 hours
  • location:to be chosen by the recipient of the gift (yard or roof of the building)
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
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Night Sky Observation

Imagine the moon, the comet, the meteor shower, and the rest of the celestial bodies from the home. You probably want special tools and equipment that we don’t have. But it’s possible. To see astronomical phenomena, we don’t necessarily have to have the tools ourselves. To observe the night sky, we can bring home a professional team with full equipment and see the constellation from the roof of our house and enjoy it. Don’t be surprised, now we’re starting to explain to you how we can do this.

Observing Stars and The Moon

The night sky has a unique beauty that we don’t find in the day. The clearer the weather, and the less pollution in cities, the more we see the stars in the sky. Every night we see more stars in the sky, it’s more beautiful for us that night. There’s a belief that each of us has our star in the sky.  When we make a wish, our wish is fulfilled by looking at our star. Except for the stars of the sky, we can’t ignore the beauty of the moon. More interestingly, astronomical beauties don’t end here, and the charming moon and the stars are just part of the beauty of it.

Invitation To a Home Entertainment Science

Now, do you believe you can order this astronomical gift as a special one for your wife’s birthday surprise? Why not, first of all, choose a night with clear skies in coordination with the Nazdik website’s astronomy expert. The more astronomical events of that night, the more exciting it gets. On the appointed date, the astronomy expert will go to his house with full equipment. At that time, they observe the sky with a telescope on the roof and enjoy it. Finally, a small gift from the Nazdik’s team to them will be presented to them so that this night will be kept in their memory forever. Do not hesitate, snap to it, and give your loved ones the joy of watching the night sky. Besides this astronomical gift, you can also order the world map gift box to tell your loved one how beautiful the world is to you because of her.


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