night sky gift box

product attributes:
  • moon tableau:PVC material, dimension 18*23 cm
  • constellation tableau:PVC material, dimension 18*23 cm
  • color of the constellation mug:black
  • key rings:steel with pattern of constellation
  • moon designed socks
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


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Night sky gift box

The birthday is just one day but the memory of it’s will remain in our mind for many years. For making this day special, we need a special gift. A personalized gift that would remind you to the
receiver. The constellation package is suitable for those who loves to get special gifts and being surprised.
Constellation gift is designed for these who like special and personalized gift. In this package it is shown the constellation of sky in the moment of the birth. And we print the constellation of your month of birthday in a mug. Or even in key rings. All of these are very special gift whether they be used or the kept as a decoration.

Constellation package

This package is kind of special gifts because it changes by the day and the time of the birth. So it’s specified for people.
This package is designed to give your dears lots of love. By sending gift we can easily remind our dears that we care about them. If you send Ulster bag either with this package it would be
most interesting. And even you can send bonjour birthday cake to make everything completed.

Sending gifts to Iran

We prepared everything for a interesting surprise. We will help you to send you gifts to Iran.
Due to the increasing number of our friends who are living abroad Nazdik tries to give the best services. We guarantee the quality of our products. We try to make all our compatriots happy.


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