Newspaper birthday cake

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  • taste:Hazelnut chocolate and peach
  • Weigh:2 kg
  • Size:30*20 cm
  • Preparation time:2 working days
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Newspaper birthday cake

Newspaper birthday cake is a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones.

The importance of birthday of our loved ones

Birthday is a pretext to show our loved ones how much they are important for us.

One of the interesting things that we can do is planning to surprise our loved ones in their birthday. By the most delicious cakes and the most beautiful gifts we can make an unforgettable day and memory for our loved ones.

When we see they become happy we will be happy even more than them.

Creative birthday gifts

How can we make others happy? When you make simple things special and give it to your loved ones as a gift.

For example, when you are into reading newspaper and your friends surprise you with a newspaper cake, it means that they car a lot to your interests and you will be really happy. Paying attention to the receiver’s interests is so important and also nice. And the receiver will appreciate that. We suggest you to buy newspaper birthday gift.

Newspaper birthday gift

In every situation our loved one’s birthday is the most important news.

In our loved one’s birthday, we want to show how valuable they are in our life.

Details of designing the first page of newspaper in newspaper birthday cake:

You can send us more information about the receiver such as age, interests and so on. We will do the rest. We will design a perfectly personalized newspaper cake.


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