New Moon

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  • Contents of the basket:Dates, Bamiyeh, Herbal tea, Honey, Bowl
  • Herbal tea:100 gr
  • Date:Includes 7 high quality dates with 4 different fillings walnut, cashew, coconut, sliced ​​oranges.
  • Organic honey:500 gr
  • Wooden bowl:Diameter 10 cm
  • Bamiyeh:500 gr
  • Hemper box:10 cm* 28 cm* 18 cm
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Out of stock

Mahe no

Mahe no gift box for your Iftar and sahar in Ramadan month.

Ramadan month in Iran

Iranian culture is rich and old as we all know. And it makes occasions more special. After Islam came to Iran, holding religious ceremonies became associated with Iranian elements. Elements like: Iranian music, and Iranian food and…

The charms of Ramadan month

They are so delicious. Such as Types of dates, zolbia Bamiye, Shole zard, Soups which are so memorable.

With your family by Nazdik

We are trying to be with your family and your dears in Nazdik.

We provide some special gifts, that you can feel near to your dears by them.

All the items of “Moon no” have been prepared by Iranian producers. And they are packaged in accordance with hygienic standards. 

This gift will be delivered to your family or your friends by Nazdik team.


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