Musical Gift Set

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  • Bluetooth Speaker with USB and radio playback, Brand: TESCO
  • 16GB Flash Memory contain traditional Iranian music
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Musical Gift Set

The pleasant sound of music can change your mood. With love music, you travel to the beloved world. With traditional music, you hum old songs and happy music make you feel happy. There are many ways to hear music. But what do you think of the musical gift for the Father’s Day present, specifically for listening to music? This men’s gift set is a different surprise. Inside this gift is traditional Iranian music that brings the mood of authentic Iranian music to the heart of your beloved man. You can order this gift set from the Nazdik’s website.  With international credit cards and from all over the world, you can order this gift and leave the rest of it to the Nazdik’s website. You can also give Mr. Special’s Cake along with this, to the special man of your life.

Musical Gift Items

A speaker with the option to connect to other devices via Bluetooth, which has a USB port and radio antenna, can be with your man everywhere. That way, whenever he wants to hear music, he can easily listen to any music he likes with speakers. Along with this speaker in the musical gift set, there’s also a flash memory with old Iranian songs that the old and new generations enjoy to listen.

Reliving memories

If this gift is for your father, you make his memories recover, and he remembers the times that have passed for years. The first reason is that the shape of this speaker is similar to the old radios. The second reason is that the songs inside the flash of this gift are all traditional Iranian songs that feel the nostalgia of the distant years. So by reliving memories, you can make your father happy more than you can imagine.


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