Mr. Special Cake

product attributes:
  • Dimensions:Diameter 15 cm, Height 17 cm
  • Weight:About 3 kg
  • Decorated with:Fondant
  • Storage Method:In the refrigerator
  • Suitable for:10 to 12 people
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Mr. Special Cake

When the smile comes to your man’s lips, it means he’s at peace at that moment. He’s free of different concerns and thoughts, and he’s spending his moments happily. This joy is the right of a man you love to smile. So to give a smile to a man you love, you can go for surprises with a special cake. Mr. Special Cake is a fondant cake that you can order from the Nazdik’s website. If you live outside of Iran, we will send cakes and desserts to Iran in the Nazdik’s team. You can also gift this cake as a special Father’s Day cake. You can also order Sunflower Vase to make your gift a different fragrance.

Fondant Cake

The decorations on Mr. Special Cake are done with fondant paste. Fondant is an edible pasty that they use abundantly to make cakes and pastries. The ingredients of fondant are sugar, gelatin, glycerol, and water. The meaning of the Fondant word comes from French and means melt. Because of the proper plasticity of fondant dough, practically like pottery dough, cake makers can give it whatever form and shape they want and use it in cakes. It’s sweet like the rest of the cake ingredients and gives you a lot of energy.

Cake Special Look

You should know that you’re not facing a regular cake, as the name implies. The design of this cake is beautiful and lovely at the same time. As decorate the surface of the cake, you’ll see the shape and icon of a classic man whose components are made with fondant paste. A traditional image of a stylish man has a mustache and white shirt with black buttons and bowtie. If you look at this cake, you’ll see the image of a man who has this look that could be your friend, wife, or father.


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