Moslem’s Tah Chin

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Moslem’s Tah Chin

When we hear Tehran’s bazzar we remember Moslem’s Tah chins. It has perfect smell and taste.
If you are fan of Tah chins try Moslem’s Tah chins, you will love it.

Saffron Tah chin

Saffron Tah chin is one of the original Iranian foods which is made by rice and meat and yogurt
and eggs.
It is a luxury food which is served in ceremonies. It is a hard food that everyone can’t cook it well.
So it’s important where you’re preparing this food.

Moslem restaurant

Moslem restaurant is always busy and it’s famous for it’s delicious foods.
The queue of this restaurant is very long and busy.
It’s impossible to go to bazzar and don’t eat Moslem’s foods.
If you haven’t tried it, we suggest you to try it at least once.

Sending foods to Iran

Foods are one of human’s most favorites. When we became sick, when we are tired or even in
our ceremonies. It would be so interesting to surprise your loved one’s by sending them foods.
“Nazdik” provides this facility for you to send foods to your loved one’s by just one click.


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