Mini Cake And Photo Frame Set

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  • 1kg Mini Cake + Photo Frame
  • Preparation time 2 working days
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
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Mini Cake and Photo Frame Set

If you’re in love, you’ll never get tired of seeing your lover. When you are forced away from him, you will not be bored to wait for her day and night. You always have the desire for her to come to make you happy. If you want to stay in the lover’s mind all the time, the Photo Frame Gift is a lasting gift that you can give him. It’s a special gift for Valentine’s Day, which will increase your love every time you look at it.

A delicious cake with this photo frame completes your love frame and makes the Mini Cake and Photo Frame Set. You can order this gift from the Nazdik’s website. Just let us know on the Nazdik’s team to surprise with the cake. We send cakes to Iran from anywhere in the world. In addition to this gift, you can order the Dream Box with its fragrance roses and make your gift more beautiful.

Photo Frames of Memories

During life moments, the times you spend with your beloved, they have a different mood. Wherever you’re next to your lover, you can capture the image of this being together. These images make memories that will later be worth more to you. That’s because they’re happy to remember the good things you’re doing with your dear one. You can turn one of these memorable photos into a photo frame. Put it in the Mini Cake And Photo Frame Set of your dear present and make that the photo frame of the memories.

A Little Cake For a Great Love

It doesn’t always have to be a multi-story cake or a strange design to turn into a special cake. Sometimes you can show her the maximum love for the beloved with a mini cake. This happens when you choose the right cake that’s as beautiful, compact, and lovely as it is. The mini cake in Mini Cake And  Photo Frame Set has these features.


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