Men’s Leather Set (Novin Leather)

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  • The contents of the set:Belts, Wallets, Credit Card Holder, Ritter Sport Chocolate
  • colors:black and brown
  • Brand:Novin Leather
  • Preparation Time:2 working days
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Men’s Leather Set (Novin Leather)

A dandy man cares about his clothes, and the accessories he uses are fashionable and fit his customes. When you love a man, you always want to see him in the ultimate charm so his beauty shines in your eyes. That’s why you’re trying to make him more lovely than ever and enjoy having such a charming man. So, if you’re thinking of a special Valentine’s gift for men, you’d better know that on the Nazdik’s website you can order men’s presents. What we do in the Nazdik’s team for you who are away from Iran, is make it easy to send gift packages to Iran. You can make your man happy with this men’s leather set. Along with this leather set, you can order Paris-Brest Cake and give him a taste of French sweets.


Leather set contents

Inside this men’s leather set, which is produced by Novin Leather’s Brand, is a belt, wallet, and Credit Card Holder. We combined this functional and stylish gift with the most delicious chocolates in the world and prepared a special men’s gift. The accessories in this set are all made of natural leather. That’s why they’re durable and you can easily use them for a long time. So don’t worry about leather damage.


Getting to Know Novin Leather’s Brand

Novin Leather Company produces a variety of products such as bags, shoes, and accessories using natural leather. For over 25 years, the brand has been operating in the field of leather clothing. For over 25 years, the brand has been working in the leather industry. One of the features of this brand is that it offers different sets of gifts, such as men’s leather sets, as well as women’s. That’s why you can always choose Novin Leather’s products as a stylish gift.


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