Maranta House Plant

product attributes:
  • Dimensions:Height including pot about 50 cm
  • Pot dimensions:height 20 cm and diameter 20 cm
  • Pot material:Wicker
  • Preparation time:2 working days
  • To deliver the freshest flowers, we may replace stems up to 30%
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
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A lot of people are interested in flowers and plants. They’re watering them with love. They prune them, and they do everything to take care of them properly. Flowers and plants respond to this kindness with cheerfulness. If you’ve never given a gift of plants, let’s do something different this year. Give the Maranta House Plant as a gift for your friend’s birthday or Mother’s Day.

Where do we get it? We made it possible for you on Nazdik’s website. You can order mother’s day gifts in Iran. sending gifts to Iran could be the Maranta plant in the beautiful wicker pot. You can do birthday surprises with flowers, or surprise your friend by sending Maranta pots to her. Sending gifts to Iran from all over the world is possible on Nazdik’s website. Next to flower delivery to Iran, you can order the Kindness Box to have some beautiful flower branches beside it.

Getting to know the Maranta plant

Maranta is a special house plant that you can use for a long time in the house with proper maintenance. This plant originated from South and Central America. It’s named after a botanist. Its leaves are flat on the day, but at night, its leaves will deform and lean upwards. It’s also called a praying plant, because of this interesting property.

Plant maintenance conditions

Maranta needs a lot of light, but it shouldn’t be direct sunlight. Otherwise, it’ll be damaged, the stain or the burn will come on the leaves. It grows around the first half of the year, but it’s growing very slowly. Don’t be surprised, if you see it’s been a while, but apparently, it doesn’t make a difference in size. To irrigate this plant, you must never let the potting soil dry completely. Do not give it too much water, otherwise, it may get sick. If you keep the temperature at home between 15°C and 18°C, you’ll provide the best conditions for this plant.


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