Makeup Gift Set

product attributes:
  • Includes a selectable set of French cosmetics brand Capris, nail varnish, 900g Chocolate of Quality Street Nestle, Metal Box ( Contains 12 types of chocolate and toffee ).
  • Preparation time:2 working days
  • The first set includes:liquid lipstick, solid lipstick, lip pencil
  • The second set includes:solid lipstick, mascara, eye pencil
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  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
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Makeup Gift Set

If you’ve experienced love, you’ll find that the beauty of your lover is not limited to her face. Her body, soul, and all of her treatments create a spectacular view in your eyes. No one and nothing can destroy this beauty for you.

This fiery love is the reason you like to see your beloved look like a moon pill, beautiful and shining. You can do it with a special Valentine’s Present with the Caprice Makeup Gift Set, from a famous French cosmetics brand. From the Nazdik’s website, you can order the gift of Caprice cosmetics. The good news is that for dear Iranians abroad, it is also possible to send gifts to Iran. You can order the Chrysanthemum Bouquet along with this makeup set and add the fragrance of these rosy flowers to the gift.

Beauty Gift

By giving cosmetics gifts, you send the message to your dear ones that you love them. You want them to love themselves and care about themselves. That’s why you chose a beautiful gift for them. You can choose the Caprice Cosmetics of your choice from the available sets. You’ll also get nail varnish along with this set. Along with this beautiful gift pack, there are delicious Nestlé chocolates, and with its beautiful metal box, it doubles the beauty of this gift.

Getting to Know Caprice Cosmetics Brand

Caprice is a famous French cosmetics brand. The brand has an interesting advertising slogan: ” Make-up your mind: be what you want to be”.  Caprice produces all of its products with high-quality and precious ingredients. The brand has international regulations of CEE and FDA. That’s why you’re relieved to QC and monitor that’s on the production of Caprice products. Caprice uses elements derived from nature that are effective for your skin’s health and freshness.


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