Like Blood in My Veins Book

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  • Author:Ahmad Shamloo
  • Publication:Cheshmeh
  • Subject:Letters from Ahmad Shamloo
  • Language:Persian
  • Book Size:HardCover
  • Number of pages:172
  • Length: 21.8 cm
  • Width:17.2 cm
  • Height:1.5 cm
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Like Blood in My Veins Book

Speaking of love letters brings an arrow in the heart to your mind unconsciously. The words that come out of the lover’s heart will eventually enter the lover’s heart. So you write a love letter to her and wait impatiently for her answer.

“I demand life. The passion of life screams at me… Oh, if you were really by my side… You’re my doppelganger… Write to me to make sure that you, like me, are waiting for those white nights… » Contemporary writer Ahmad Shamloo tells his wife in an episode of one of his love letters.

If your gift is a romantic novel, it will be a fascinating gift. Now think of it as your special Valentine’s gift this year for your beloved, Like Blood in My Veins book. A book that is a collection of Love Letters by Ahmad Shamloo for his wife. You can easily order this book from the Nazdik’s website and send your gifts to Iran from other countries. You can order a romantic cake with this gift that matches the subject of the book.

About The Book

Aida, the wife of Ahmad Shamloo, is the special audience for the author of this book. Several love letters were written by Ahmad Shamloo to his wife and her answers, from 1340 to 1360, make the contents of the book. The words used by this contemporary writer in his love letters are so profound that it fascinates you with the love of these two people. Another thing about this book is that Ahmad Shamloo didn’t write these letters to publish. He only wrote his heartfelt words to his wife in the most beautiful way possible on paper. That’s why we’re facing real love in this book.

Getting to Know Ahmad Shamloo

Ahmad Shamloo, a writer, translator, poet, and contemporary songwriter of our country has been working in literature for many years. He created many books that are still beautiful and readable after he died. One of the most remarkable things about Ahmad Shamloo is the richness of his content and his special look at the world and its events, which is why he is considered a symbol of literary intellectualism in Iran.


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