letter sable cake

product attributes:
  • Weigh:about 3 kg
  • dimension:height about 10cm, width: 20cm, length: 30cm
  • decoration:Cream with cookies, macaron and seasonal fruits
  • sponge flavor:vanilla red velvet
  • filling:white cream
  • preparing time:3 working days
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


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Letter sable cake

Names are always important and each of them are special in meaning.
All names are beautiful and have their own meanings.
Names are as powerful as they can have impact on lifes and even change a person’s life.
So it can be made many stories of names.
Letter sable cake is made for a special birthday surprise. This cake with letters of each names would be very beautiful and attractive.

Letter sable cake

Each year our birthdays are Holden different. But surprises will be an important part of our memories that can’t be forgotten easily. For surprising your dears a letter sable cake with flower
and balloons would be really memorable.
A special birthday gift is a gift which is personalized. By mentioning the age and name of the receiver in gift you can provide a special gift like number sable cake. Number sable cake is suitable for birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Feelings from far away

One of Nazdik services is sending cake to Iran. You can send your gifts wherever you want in Iran. by sending gifts you would feel closer to your dears.


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