Lavender’s Mocha Cake

product attributes:
  • Item diameter :15 cm
  • Weight:0.7 kg
  • Filling:Coffee-flavored chocolate mousse with two layers of thin chocolate sponge
  • brand:Lavender
  • Suitable for 8 people
  • Preparation time is one working day
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  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
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For your friend’s birthday, you can choose a beautiful birthday cake and give it as a gift. The surprise with the special Lavender’s cake and the unique taste it has is pleasant and appealing to your friend. The Nazdik’s website allows you to order birthday cakes from the Lavender’s confectionery, from far and near. For nearly 10 years, a brand called Lavender in northern Tehran has been working in the field of cakes and pastries. Lavender’s Confectionery produces more than 25 types of French pastries.

The ingredients of the Lavender cakes and pastries include butter, chocolate, and fruit pieces, which are the product of Belgium and Australia. The main branch of the Lavender’s Confectionery is in Zafaranieh area of Tehran. It has several other branches in other areas north of Tehran. Tasting the taste of cakes of Lavender’s Confectionery is an enjoyable experience because of the special ingredients used in them. Lavender’s Mocha Cake is one of these cakes that weighs about 1kg. It’s made with two thin layers of chocolate sponge cake and chocolate mousse with coffee flavor.

About Birthday Cake

What do you need for a birthday party? You must say gifts. Yes, but except for gifts, a birthday that doesn’t have a cake, it’s like it doesn’t have anything. Except for joking with your birthday friend that you can smash her face into the cake, the birthday cake has other usages. At the moment your birthday friend wants to blow out the candles, wishes from the bottom of her heart that is the purest wish for everyone. That’s why we say birthdays can’t go cake-free, and these two are interconnected.

Sending cakes and desserts to Iran

If you want to order Mocha Cake from Lavender’s Confectionery in Tehran for your friend’s birthday, while you live abroad. Leave it to us on the Nazdik’s team. You just submit your order and pay for it with your international accounts. From now on, it’s up to us to go to your friend’s house on a given date and surprise her. If you want, we will take a video of your friend’s surprise and give it to you. Next to this cake, you can order a Friend’s Remember Vase to make your gift more beautiful with roses.


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