Ladan sweets

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  • Weigh:1 kg in default
  • kind of sweets:danish, bride's stem sweets
  • preparing time:delivering at that day in Tehran and Karaj
  • attention:this cake is only delivered in Tehran
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  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
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Ladan sweets

Ladan is one of the popular confectionaries in Tehran. The popularity and the quality of the sweets can’t be described by words. The first bunch of this confectionary was opened in Amiriye in Tehran. You can find any kinds of sweets and cakes that you want in ladan confectionary. This is a original pastry with high quality products.

Ladan’s Danish sweets

The Yalda night gift can be delicious sweets. Imagine your loved ones when they are surprised of your gift. You can send this gift from all around the world to Iran.
You can trust us to deliver your gifts to your loved ones.

Sending sweets to Iran

You can surprise your dears by gifting them in Yalda night. You can also reduce distances by sending sweets to Iran. Our purpose is making you and your loved ones happy.


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