Kenzo- lunch and dinner

product attributes:
  • menu:starter, salad, main food, dessert, drink
  • time:every day lunch at 12 -15:30/ dinner at 19-23
  • place:Parsian Azadi hotel, Kenzo restaurant
  • credit of the gift:2 months after delivery
  • default menu:main food with drink
  • fixed services :transportation service, taking photo of guests, designing table by flowers
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


booking for lunch and dinner in Kenzo restaurant by Nazdik

Nostalgic of Japanese food

We can say that showing Japanese series in 70th decade caused many of us become familiar with Japanese culture and foods.
One interesting point in Japanese food is chopsticks. They eat food with chopsticks instead of spoon. Different kinds of cooking rice and vegetables motivates many people to try Japanese


The most popular Japanese finger food is sushi. This healthy seafood has many fans around the world. Using raw fish caused that some people abstain to eat this food. But this food is a special way of cooking rice not fish. It can be possible if there is no fish in sushi but without rice it’s not possible.

Kenzo restaurant

Kenzo Restaurant is run by a group of the most experienced restaurant owners in Tehran. And this experience is clearly understandable from the way of serving and hospitality of staff. On the other hand the special atmosphere of restaurant attracts people. In Kenzo restaurant they have tried to make the best Japanese food in Iran by designing a professional menu.

Inviting to Kenzo restaurant

Nazdik group tries to make unique experiences for you and your loved one’s. Although Iranian foods and restaurants are nostalgic, we mustn’t miss the chance of trying other foods. Having a
dinner or lunch in a Japanese restaurant would be very exciting experience to your loved one’s.

Holding a different party

By booking the restaurant you will make a fantastic weekend for your loved one’s. Our colleagues will design the table with candles and flowers in a perfect way. Your loved one’s will
have service of transportation by the best cars. And at the end a perfect food will give them sense of happiness and satisfaction.


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