Isfahan VIP Restaurant

product attributes:
  • Iranian cuisine (kebabs, stews, and chelo)
  • Foreign foods (Lasagna, Roast, and Chicken Straganov)
  • Salads, drinks, desserts, and pickles
  • Lunch buffet:every day from 13 to 16:30
  • dinner buffet:from 20 to 23:30
  • Location:Isfahan
  • Expiry Date for Vouchers:2 Month
  • Restaurant buffet for children under 6 years old free of charge
  • paying online (paypal)
  • All currencies
  • quick delivery (less than 24 ours)
  • exact delivery time
  • capturing received gifts


6 to 9 years old

Isfahan VIP Restaurant

The love and affection you have for your loved ones in life come from the fact that they are special to you. You’d like to make them happy for a variety of reasons and provide them with conditions where they can enjoy the moments there with you. To make your special people happy we give you a special offer. Isfahan VIP Restaurant, as its name implies, is suitable for your special parties. You can book this restaurant for birthdays from the Nazdik’s website. If you live abroad, you can coordinate the VIP restaurant surprise program with us on the Nazdik’s team to do it for you. Along with this restaurant present, you can order the Sunflower Pot and complete your gift.

Getting to Know with Restaurant

Isfahan VIP Restaurant is located in City Center in Isfahan. You can serve yourself in this self-service restaurant. There are no limits to the amount of food you eat in this restaurant, and you can use the restaurant’s menu indefinitely. The variety of main dishes in the restaurant reaches more than 20 types. Kebabs, chickens and traditional stews, international dishes such as Biff Straganov, Italian and French food, are all on the restaurant menu. The restaurant’s dessert buffet also has its dishes where you can try a variety of cakes, fruit salads, chocolate mousse, and other desserts.

A Stylish and  Luxury Restaurant

For weddings or friends and family celebrations, the luxurious environment of this restaurant is perfect. So Isfahan’s VIP restaurant is a great choice for such ceremonies. Human soul food music is one of the special facilities for Isfahan VIP Restaurant, broadcasting live pop music. In this way, you enjoy the high quality and tasty dishes of the restaurant and enjoy the beautiful sound of the singer who singing to you alive.


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