Invitation to Watch the Sky at The Observatory

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Invitation to Watch the Sky at The Observatory

Nature is so beautiful, when you look at it, you realize what a wonderful world you’re living in, but you don’t know. One of nature’s beauties is the sky. Various astronomical phenomena are dancing day and night in the sky. Just turn your head up and see what’s going on in the sky. Surly you need the right equipment to watch these phenomena and observe the sky. You can share the joy of seeing these natural beauties as an astronomical gift with your dear ones. You can invite them to a scientific recreation at the observatory. We made it possible for you on the Nazdik’s website to give an astronomical gift to your friends and dear ones as a special birthday gift. You can give Bibi Chocolate Cake to your loved ones and make them happy.

Meteor Museum and The Largest Observatory in Tehran

Meteor Museum and Solar Observatory is the largest observatory in Tehran, which is in Darabad’s Theme Park in the Darabad area of Tehran. On the first floor, you can visit a museum with all sorts of meteors. Meteors are collected from different countries around the world and each has a history. It shows the ingredient of meteorites and how old they are. On the second floor, you see the observatory, which has two professional telescopes with trained experts. They’re waiting for you to watch the astronomical object together. The building was built at an altitude of 400 meters. Because of its good location, there are no obstacles to seeing astronomical events.

Observing the Sky with Professional Telescopes Day and Night

You can safely observe the sun without worrying about damage to the eye if you go to the observatory during the day. Because there’s an observatory telescope that filters out harmful rays. The observatory’s telescopes are motorized. The interesting feature they have is that you can specify to them for example you want to see Jupiter. If the planet is visible at the moment, the telescope will find it. It’s possible to observe the sun from sunrise to sunset in the day. You can observe it in the opening hours of the Observatory. With another telescope, you can see the moon, the stars, and the other planets at night.


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