Herbed Rice With Fish For Nowruz

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  • A Herbed Rice With Fish + Beverage and Pickled Garlic
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Herbed Rice With Fish For Nowruz

In the last moments of the year, when spring is closer than ever, the smell of Herbed Rice With Fish is spread in Iranian homes. The smell of the vegetable with the delicious taste of fresh fish merges to make the Eid meal the most special dish of the year. Rice, the most consumed food of Iranians, is a symbol of blessing in life. Fish is a symbol of life and vegetables are also a symbol of calving. The combination of these three makes Herbed Rice With Fish. Hoping that the New Year will be a productive year with these symbolic concepts.

As a special gift for Eid, you can order Herbed Rice With Fish from the Nazdik’s website. If you’re out of the country, you can send gifts to Iran. Leave it to us on the Nazdik’s team to deliver it to your loved ones. With this gift, you can order Haft-Sin to complete the present for your loved ones.

History of Herbed Rice With Fish

About the history of this famous dish, it is narrated that the story of Solomon’s ring relates to Nowruz. This is because after Devil takes the ring of Solomon, the people who knew him with his ring will reject him. Eventually, Devil puts this ring into the sea, and Solomon catches the same fish that swallowed this ring. That’s how Solomon regains his ring and returns to his place. This happened on 13 Farvardin, and that’s why it’s related to Nowruz and the beginning of the New Year. As a result, some people consider the Herbed Rice With Fish For Nowruz to be reminiscent of the story of Solomon’s ring.

Fish Properties

Fish is one of the most useful foods for the body that experts recommend you should use more often in the food program. There’s a lot of protein in all kinds of fish. There are also omega-3s and various vitamins in this food. In addition, fish is good for the skin, liver, and even the brain and can help improve your sleep system significantly. On the other hand, eating fish reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease. Scientists say fish are also effective in preventing and treating depression.


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