Hani’s Khoreshte Gheimeh

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Hani’s khoreshte Gheimeh
Khoreshte Gheimeh used to be split pea khoresht at first. This food is one of the Iranian traditional food which has many fans. Some people serve it with fried potatoes. All Iranian have nostalgic memories of these food specially in religious ceremonies. There is some different ways for cooking this food. But the original way have meat, split pea, fried onions, tomato paste, plums and of course Omani lemons. But it is made different in different cities because of different tastes of people. the smell of Gheimeh is lasting memory which can’t be forgotten and it remind us many dear memories.

Iranian party

One the most popular food in Iran is Gheimeh. Being together and valuing these days that won’t be repeated is very important. For surprising your dears you can order this food with kind mother cake and make your party more special. You can congrats mother’s day and father’s day with a memorable vase and a cake even if you’re far from them.

Iranian foods

We guarantee the quality of all our products. Nazdik chooses the best and works with the most professional producers. Hani restaurant is on of the best restaurants in Tehran. Sending gifts to Iran is as easy as some clicks.


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