Hani’s Ghorme sabzi

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Hani’s Ghorme sabzi

There is many advices for how to cook a delicious Ghorme sabzi. Ghorme sabzi is one the Iranian traditional foods. The antiquity of this food back to five years ago. Ghorme sabzi is one of the most popular food in Iran and even in other countries. The way of cooking which make it delicious is the most important part. This food remind us our lasting memories.

Ghorme sabzi and Iranian tables

Iranian table is popular for the variety of colors and tastes. By Ghorme sabzi in Iranian tables you can experience the most delicious and memorable taste.
For surprising your dears this gift is a great and nostalgic option. By adding a sable cake or heart cake with balloon make your surprise more special and send your positive energy to them.

Touching the sense of closeness

To record your surprise as a memorable moment and either as a gift from “Nazdik”. Wherever you are in the world you can send your gifts to Iran easily. We work with the best producers to guarantee our quality. Your gift will be delivered with adhering the health protocols.


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