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  • Gift Includes:Haft-Sin + Hyacinth Flower + Calendar
  • Haft-Sin Includes:Sabzeh, Apple, Garlic, Coi, Senjed (Lotus Tree Fruit)
  • Calendar with the ability to write the desired sentence
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In the final moments, as we approach the end of the year, a certain peace flows into our hearts. We all make beautiful wishes in our hearts. When we look at the goldfish in this mood, we see it’s get calmed. It’s like the little goldfish is waiting for the New Year, and it’s immersed in the special sense of the beginning of next year.

This special mood is created before the moment of the beginning of the New Year with a beautiful Haft-Sin. So you can get this beautiful Haft-Sin gift from the Nazdik’s website this year and present it as a special gift to your loved ones. We have provided the opportunity to provide you with a New Year’s gift, for you who are outside Of Iran. With this gift, you can also order the Tavazo Nut to complete the gift.


Sofreh Haft-Sin is one of the traditional and old ceremonies of Iran inherited from previous generations. There are different stories about how the Haft-Sin came into being. One of these quotes is that during the Sassanid era, some beautiful dishes were imported from China to Iran, which they used to pick up Nowruz stuff. Over time, in the people’s dialect, Chinese became Sini and eventually into Sin. On the other hand, the number 7 (which means Haft in the Persian language) in Iranian culture is sacred. So today it’s called the Haft-Sin.

Haft-Sin symbols

Each component of Haft-Sin symbolizes something. Apple symbolizes health and love and the Sabzeh symbolizes rebirth. Sumac symbolizes the love and bonding of hearts and Vinegar is a symbol of patience and longevity. The coin symbolizes the blessing and the Senjed is the symbol of wisdom in life. Garlic is also a symbol of contentment and health. The rest of the things we put on the Eid table have their meaning. Goldfish symbolizes the effort in the new year. Colored eggs symbolize fertility. Candles symbolize happiness, light, and warmness, and the mirror is a sign of purity and clarity.


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